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Character Name: Kei Kuruma/Genki Saotome
Source Canon: Getter Robo Armageddon
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Notes: While our short-lived Gou was a mix of his Armageddon and Shin vs. Neo incarnations, Kei is pretty much pure Armageddon.  Her character in the original Getter Robo Go manga was a mere footnote in the plot anyways.

EDIT: Also, re-apping Kei since we once again have a Getter plot.


For some in-depth stuff about Kei, tl; dr, she's really Genki Saotome (the tagalong kid from the Getter stories and Michiru's little "brother"), who was mentally traumatized first by seeing that Michiru had been Invader-ized and then later when apparently Ryouma killed Dr. Saotome.  After the whole fuck-up with Getter Shin Dragon and entering the care of Benkei, she was given the identity of "Kei", his adopted daughter, to protect her from people who loathed the Saotome family for fucking the world over with Getter Rays.  The gambit worked since Genki had been raised as a boy even though she was actually a girl, and Genki would go on to recover from the trauma although losing her memories of her true identity.


For someone who had to rebuild an entire personality following a double dose of mind-breaking trauma and then grow up in a somewhat militaristic, post-apocalyptic setting, Kei is surprisingly well-adjusted.  Having grown up around a bunch of male soldiers of varying levels of competence, Kei didn't develop into a very feminine girl, but she also is not stupidly macho.  When she kicks ass she'll take pride in her ability but she won't dedicate large portions of the day to parading about while declaring how great she is.

Being in a small unit led by her own father never went to Kei's head either, and she never tried to fashion herself as above the riff-raff without a Getter pilot for a parent.  They were her comrades and her closest friends, after all, and she stayed true to them.  Of course, this wasn't some by-the-books "friendship is great!" kind of camaraderie.  Hell no, Kei's prone to at least some snark with the people close to her, though it doesn't go into full-blown trolling.  She's even prone to mouth off to Benkei in less-than-grave situations, though when things get serious topics, especially those that hit close to home, she becomes much more uncertain and looks to him for guidance.

That said though, Kei has a problem being blinded by favorable short-term results.  If a tactic or weapon worked once, or at the very least worked well enough, she'll be quite confident it'll continue to work that way (which is a dangerous flaw to have when you're fighting ever-evolving enemies like the Invaders).  She also, unlike some members of the Getter cast [cough]HAYATO[/cough], Kei can't bring herself to kill innocent (or seemingly) people even if it's a mercy killing.  WIthout a doubt, when it comes to her first few dealings with the Invaders, Kei is actually quite naive.

That isn't to say Kei is a detriment to the fight against the Invaders though, far from it!  She's a soldier after all, and she has the instincts and mentality of a Getter pilot through and through, complete with the obligatory hot blood.  When shit hits the fan there's no real hesitation for her and even when her less-than-ruthless personality is being exploited, she doesn't so much hesitate as make bad decisions.  She'll rise to the challenge or die trying.

Also, with no memory of her true identity, Kei's grown to hate Dr. Saotome for the damage he's done to the world.  The revelation that she is in fact his daughter hits her fairly hard, and at first she refuses to believe it (no doubt part of the defense mechanism that let her recover her mental health) and then grows very determined to see him brought to justice.  It's arguably the one time that Kei demonstrates the kind of agressiveness associated with Getter pilots that came before her, and although she does grow to become less overzealous regarding the whole thing, it is still a motivation for her... arguably more than it is for Ryouma or Hayato.

Capabilities and Resources: Kei's a fairly good shot and has done some small-scale tinkering around with weapons in her time, like make a liquid-nitrogen RPG round that can flash-freeze an entire Invader in seconds.  She's not an actual robot mechanic, but give her access to the armory and she'll probably whip a few things up.

Robot Name: Neo Getter 2
Robot Description:
The obligatory "speedster" form for Hayatos plasma-powered Getter, Neo Getter Robo breaks from the tradition of previous Getters by not having its second form be the ground-based one.  Neo Getter Robo is the one built for flight, making its agility all the more advantageous.  It's still got the drill though, though it's less critical to combat due to Getter 2 also having a plasma saber, one powerful enough to cut through Mechasauruses without any real problem.  The drill also is unable to be fired as a missile, but instead has a laser cannon mounted in the drill bit.

Neo Getter 2 has no other weaponry at its disposal, but it is capable high-speed evasion techniques (Getter Vision), as well as the classic Open Get.

It is also probably the best of the three Getters for use in protracted battles; fast enough to avoid damaging blows and using attacks that do not burn through the Getter's limited store of Plasma power.

Terrain Stats
Land: B
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A


Robot Name: Shin Getter 2
Robot Description:
A true Getter, and in fact one of the most powerful, Shin Getter Robo is a tremendous jump in power compared to Neo Getter Robo.  Shin Getter 2, like its Plasma-powered equivalent, is the speedster, and it's fucking fast.  On top of it, even though it's the "ground" form for Shin Getter Robo, it's equipped with powerful thrusters enabling it to fly and it was even stated to be faster than Shin Getter 1, if only for short periods of time.  I'd also say Shin Getter 1's more maneuverable, just for fairness's sake.

Shin Getter 2's drill is its bread and butter, its clamp arm there but not really all that useful in most cases.  The drill is also very, very variable, offering any number of ways to attack.  There's the classic drill missile, as well as spinning very rapidly and creating a tornado to ensare and buffet enemies with.  However, Shin Getter 2 can also charge the Getter Hurricane with Getter energy, resulting in a tornado crackling with energy.  And lastly, the drill can just fire a number of mid-power Getter Rays which create the image of rainbow prism beams that shoot out and then converge on the target.

Lastly, the torque on Shin Getter 2's drill is ridiculously potent.  Getting gored by it is enough to tear apart all but the largest of Invaders, and it can even trigger small earthquakes by simply being stabbed into the ground and being revved up.  Such a drill makes underground movement all but effortless for it.

Like Neo Getter Robo, Shin Getter 2 has Open Get and Getter Vision, although its greater speed makes Getter Vision all the more potent.

Terrain Stats
Land: S
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Robot Name: Getter Shin Liger
Robot Description:
The "Liger" form for Getter Shin Dragon is pretty much the purest expression of the Getter 2-type machines.  It's simply a huge drill, made up of tens of hundreds of thousands of Dragons, Ligers, and Poseidons.  It also cuts out all the excessive shit b having really only two attacks: shooting its huge-ass drill at you as a missile (bound to ruin anyone's day) and shooting its entire bulk at you to rip you apart with its huge-ass drill.

Admittedly there's not much to be said about Shin Liger.  It's a footnote compared to Shin Dragon, really, and I figure Kei will probably only use it for the Getter finale.

Terrain Stats
Land: B
Air: S
Sea: C
Space: S

Aside being a pilot, Kei's a somewhat decent technician.  This doesn't expand to actual mechs, but she could probably whip up some fun weapons.

Suggested Event List: I believe Hayato has covered it

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